Why think green, when your plants will be green, with SEA Nano and Sunny SEA?

Spraying the best foliar fertilizers, your indoor plants will become greener with natural plant health.

Lush green plants in your home mean health and growth with vibrant colored flowers and leaves.

Many homeowners neglect the nutrients in their soil. Using SEA Nano and Sunny SEA we are giving the plant all the nutrients the plant can use and needed for growth and beauty. We are only looking at a mist or two every 2-3 weeks.

Our products are safe and non toxic to be used in your home.

Freight charge will be determined by distance and weight of order. Orders can be paid by credit card over the phone or by PayPal invoice sent by email from ALINK, Inc.

We offer bulk in the following products:

  • SEA Nano-55 Gallon Drum
  • SEA Nano-275 Gallon Tote

Sunny Sea Organic Fertilizer

Sunny SEA is a foliar fertilizer combination of everything all plants need to survive. Sunny SEA has over 80 micro and macro nutrients available within minutes after the application. There are several nutrient packages sold throughout the world, but what makes our micronutrient package stand out is all our nutrients are balanced. What we mean by balanced is all plants need more nutrients like N P K and a lesser amount of Zinc, Copper or Manganese. We are not trying to tell you they are not important, we are telling you the plants use less of certain micronutrients.

Sunny SEA is a complete package of nutrients, meaning whatever each plant is requiring to be at their best, the nutrients are there to be taken into the plant. The excess nutrients are stored in the roots for later use.

The second half of Sunny SEA is we added sucrose and glucose which we call Ready Sugars™. You may be thinking to yourself, I can accomplish the same task by adding crystallized sugar into a micronutrient mix. The problem with adding crystallized sugar is the plant needs to break down the crystallized sugar before it is available for the plant uptake. Our Ready Sugars™ means it is the same kind of sugar the plant produces naturally, therefore no sugar conversion.

Our Ready Sugars™ also aid in the absorption of micro and macro nutrients and minerals. This is another reason why Sunny SEA out performs other nutrients sold on the market.

Sunny SEA is safe and is a combination of everything all plants need to survive. Remember Sunny SEA is NOT to be diluted. It is ready to use from the jug or mister. Also very concentrated therefore application timing is approximately 2-3 weeks apart depending on the health of the plant

Sunny SEA would be a dream come true for the homeowner that has plants with limited sunlight. This is not just 80 micro and macro nutrients, we are also adding sucrose and glucose, to assist photosynthesis and keeping the plants green even with reduced sunlight. That is where the homeowner with limited sunlight, her plants will look and grow well. The instructions on the bottle will tell you small plants 1 shot, larger plants 3-4 shots depending on the size of the plant inside or in your garden.

We want the plants lightly misted, not looking wet with too much spray. The gardener who buys a 2.5 or 5 gallon jug, will probably put Sunny SEA in a 1 gallon pump sprayer and there again needs to walk fast, and mist the plants, not drench the plants. Evening spraying when temperatures are cooler, and the sun is starting to go down, is the time to spray. If you want to spray in the morning, be sure the leaves are not wet with dew. But spray early enough when it is cool temperatures, versus at noon when the temperature is rising fast. If it is going to be cloudy all day, you could spray most any time, as you will not have the direct sunlight to deal with.

Sea Nano Organic Fertilizer

SEA Nano is one of the best organic fertilizers you can purchase for your indoor plants and garden. SEA Nano is a liquid foliar fertilizer derived from the sea. How natural can you get? SEA Nano has over 80 micronutrients which are foliar applied.

SEA Nano is not a synthetic fertilizer, it's a safe organic foliar fertilizer used for indoor and outdoor plants. SEA Nano is great for plants grown organically and non organic.


SEA Nano can be used on all plants including fruits, vegetables, shrubs and trees. SEA Nano not only can be used as a lawn fertilizer but it is great as a garden and flower fertilizer as well. SEA Nano is 98% available to the plants immediately, versus a synthetic fertilizer which takes weeks to be available by the plant. SEA Nano is extremely safe to handle, if one should spill SEA Nano on yourself, there is no burning effect or danger, unlike a synthetic fertilizer. SEA Nano can be applied to the foliage and produce of fruits and vegetables and the fruits and vegetables can be eaten the same day. SEA Nano is not only nutritious for plants, but the produce is also healthier for the consumer.

Owner of TCP Unlimited, LLC says, "We spray SEA Nano undiluted on all our indoor and outdoor plants, and we enjoy watching the increased healthy growth of our plants. WE LOVE SEA Nano!!”


The Sea Nano application rate varies depending on your plants health.

If your plants are ready to die and needs immediate help or you like to see your plants grow with increased speed, do not dilute the Sea Nano, put Sea Nano in a sterile mister bottle and spray plants.

If your plants are stressed, mix 8 oz Sea Nano per 16 oz water in a sterile mister bottle.

If your plants are healthy and you want to maintain their current health, mix 4 oz Sea Nano per 16 oz water in a sterile mister bottle.

Sea Nano is to be misted or sprayed on the foliage. Apply Sea Nano every 2 to 4 weeks depending on environmental conditions and plant health. You cannot over apply Sea Nano, as Sea Nano will not hurt your plants. We do not recommend applying undiluted Sea Nano to plants in the cotyledon stage.

Sea Nano can be mixed with Lithovit for additional calcium which can increase disease protection and beauty.

Outdoor Mixing & Application for Sea Nano:

1 Gallon Pump Sprayer:

  • 6-8 oz/gal Sea Nano -Maintenance Program
  • 16-24 oz/gal Sea Nano -Stressed Plants
  • 24-32 oz/gal Sea Nano -Plants Needing Immediate Help

For larger areas such as lawns you may want to use a pull behind sprayer with high pressure. You may also use a 1 gallon sprayer with high pressure getting good coverage. Sea Nano is used on flowers, vegetables, trees & lawns. Sea Nano may be applied every 2 weeks as needed or as often as you desire. Sea Nano will not hurt your plants, trees or lawn. If you would like to use more, you will see results faster!

Sun Energy Foliar Fertilizer Outdoor

Sun Energy provides "Ready Sugars"™, assisting in reducing the steps during the photosynthesis process. "Ready Sugars"™ mean the same kind of sugar plants product naturally, such as sucrose and glucose. Therefore plants sprayed with Sun Energy have an abundance of "Ready Sugars"™. Plants grow faster using "Ready Sugars"™ stored, versus waiting for the sunlight photosynthesis process. "Ready Sugars"™ are the type of sugar that the plant can put to use without and conversion or work.

For years, many individuals purchased granulated sugar and mixed in with their spray programs. This is a good idea, if you are interested in feeding the bacteria on the plants and on the soil. Sun Energy is available immediately and we not only feed the bacteria, but we are also assisting photosynthesis pushing your crop for a maximum yield.

Why not give your plants the 1 - 2 punch with SEA Nano and Sun Energy!!

Although there are still many unknown steps in photosynthesis and we cannot say the world has completely understood this process, we all understand that sun light reaction; one molecule of the pigment chlorophyll absorbs one photon and loses one electron. However with our Sun Energy, we achieve the elimination of a few steps, taking out Carbon Dioxide (6CO²), water (6H²O) and sunlight. We skip straight to sugar production and oxygen that the plant produces naturally, such as glucose and sucrose; we call this the Ready Sugars™. Ready Sugars™ are the type of sugar that the plant can put to use without any conversion or work. Ready Sugars™ are produced to be used immediately or to be stored for later conversion to energy. Ready Sugars™ also aid in the absorption of micro and macro nutrients and minerals. Ready Sugars™ also help crops to grow and helps to regulate gene expression by causing less water to move to the plants roots. When a crop needs to build new cell tissue and produce energy for cellular respiration, Ready Sugars™ are the most important piece of the puzzle.

Minimum of 3 applications - maximum 6 applications (per season)

Sun Energy combined with SEA Nano, an additional energy source, may be applied every 2-3 weeks, depending on plant growth and health of your garden of both vegetables and flowers.

1 gallon Pump Sprayer:

  • 40 oz Sun Energy
  • 40 oz SEA Nano
  • 48 oz Warm Water

3 gallon Pump Sprayer:

  • 1 gallon Sun Energy
  • 1 gallon SEA Nano
  • 1 gallon Warm Water
  • 5 gallon Back Sprayer
  • 1.5 gallons Sun Energy
  • 1.5 gallons SEA Nano
  • 2 gallons Warm Water

Sun Energy:

  • increases cell wall expansion and increases yields
  • anti freezing agent
  • improves plant health
  • regulates gene expression and builds new cell tissue
  • increases microbe food source
  • produces energy
  • produces energy for cellular respiration repels pests
  • aids in the absorption of micro and macro nutrients and minerals
  • produce will have the full flavor they are meant to have

Agriculture Application 26 oz per acre NO More and NO Less

10 gallons of water per acre minimum 3-6 applications per season

IMPORTANT: Each application to be 2-3 weeks apart for the plant

Sun Energy can be tank mixed with:

  • herbicides
  • fungicides
  • insecticides
  • foliar spray SEA Nano
  • foliar spray liquid fertilizers

Sun Energy may be sprayed alone, but most want to combine trips over their fields.

1st application could be the first time you broadcast spray any product and most likely would be an herbicide.

Adding Sun Energy to the herbicide we are hoping to accomplish no herbicide growth and yield drag.

Meaning an herbicide such as Round UP or 24D can halt growth on a crop temporarily so Sun Energy would hopefully help the plants to keep growing.

The last application of the season would be either a fungicide treatment, or a foliar fertilizer application.

Sun Energy product is the only product of its kind sold worldwide, and our Sun Energy or "Ready Sugars" mean it is the same kind of sugar the plant produces naturally; therefore there is no sugar conversion. Another words we are assisting the photosynthesis process of the plants.

Lithovit Organic Fertilizer

Lithovit has about 70% calcium carbonate, not 5-7% as most people are use to. Calcium Carbonate means the calcium is available to the plant immediately. Lithovit not only has calcium but Lithovit also has magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper and cobalt. Lithovit is highly energized particles, sprayed finely onto the leaf surface and are taken up directly by the stomata (leaf spores). Therefore Lithovit can considerably increase the photosynthesis rate, which increases "brix" sugar levels in the plant. Lithovit particles are transported through the stomata on the leaf surface.

Lithovit improves the photosynthesis rate by producing carbon dioxide in the intercellular space in the leaves.


Calcium is said to be the foundation of life. Proper levels of calcium within the plant, strengthens the whole plant and allows for efficient use of sunlight, carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen and nutrients. Lithovit's main ingredient is calcium carbonate which means the calcium becomes available to the plant and is used for higher energy. Lithovit is a safe CO2 foliar natural fertilizer which increases the photosynthesis rate by producing carbon dioxide in the intercellular space in the leaves. Lithovit increases the "brix" sugar level in the plant. A combination of calcium in Lithovit and carbon dioxide makes all plants healthier, therefore more disease and insect resistant. Lithovit strengthens fungal disease resistance such as leaf rust, mildew, fruit rot, leaf rot, etc. The effect of Lithovit is also enhanced by essential micronutrients, which are Calcium, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, Copper and Cobalt. By using Lithovit, the plants are able to keep the stomata closed when moisture is short. When we have an abundance of water, the stomata is open and evaporation occurs.



Lithovit needs to be foliar applied to all crops, plants and trees. Lithovit makes a great addition to a garden and flower foliar fertilizer program. Lithovit needs a non-ionic surfactant. The non ionic surfactant makes water wetter, therefore the leaves are coated more evenly with Lithovit, versus bubbling up of the spray mist and running off the plant leaves. General application rate is 1 to 1.3 pounds per acre. Lithovit is generally applied 1 to 3 times annually.

Why not give your plants the 1 - 2 - 3 punch with SEA Nano, Sun Energy and Lithovit!

Another sleeper in the fertilizer industry is Boron. Boron is critical for the process of uniform cell formation at all growing tips of the plant where cell division is active. As Boron becomes deficient, the vegetative growing point of the affected plant becomes stunted, deformed, or altogether disappear. Lithovit with Boron to the rescue!

Why not give your plants the 1 - 2 - 3 -4 punch with SEA Nano, Sun Energy, Lithovit, and Boron!

The Lithovit Rate of Application: Start with a quart jar ? full of warm water, add ? tsp surfactant and 1 tsp Lithovit, shake until dissolved. Pour this solution into a 1 gallon pump sprayer ? full of warm water. Pump the sprayer for full pressure. Shake sprayer as you walk and spray your plants. Lithovit is heavier than water, therefore we need to keep shaking and a spraying to keep Lithovit in suspension. After your spraying is completed, be sure to clean and flush sprayer to be ready for the next use.

Lithovit Timing-- Lithovit can be applied to your flowers or vegetables starting at blooming to flowering 1st application, and then every 1 to 2 weeks through the season.

A 2 pound jar of Lithovit is adequate for the average size home gardener for at least a year.

Lithovit Organic Fertilizer

Cruzin™ uses the highest grade of essential oils, adjuvant, and some very special ingredients to create Cruzin™ for agricultural use. This is giving your plants and/or crops the best of the best. Cruzin™ uses high end organic certified essential oils which also can be used for medical purposes.

This combination of essential oils and our proprietary manufacturing process will give the best effects of fungal and disease control. Cruzin™ will act as an antibiotic (kill disease) and at the same time providing probiotic effects (immune booster that will continue to strengthen the plant).

ZERO reentry time

What does Zero re-entry time mean to you? SAFETY

Safety not only for the Cruzin applicator, but also the consumer.

Cruzin Fungicide is not a harmful synthetic chemical but a blend of spices and oil. When it is time to spray Cruzin Fungicide, it is also a good time to give your plants an extra boost of energy with SEA Nano and Sun Energy. SEA Nano has over 80 micronutrients. Sun Energy will assist the photosynthesis process with sucrose and glucose.

This would be the ultimate spray program as we are not only keeping the plants healthy, disease free, but also feeding the plants essential nutrients to keep your plants growing strong. As we both know, a healthy plant has its own disease fighting mechanism.

For most crops we are looking at a Cruzin Fungicide rate of 7-10 oz. per acre, per application. Depending on the crop and weather, one application may be perfect. On the same token, if the weather is favorable for disease pressure, it may take a spray program every 7-14 days.


10 oz per acre

Minimum of 10 gallons water per acre, high pressure for good coverage

Spray every 14 days during high disease pressure; shorten the spray interval, to keep the mold at bay.

For most homeowners with a 1 gallon pump sprayer we are looking at a Cruzin Fungicide rate of 1 oz of Cruzin per gallon of water, per application. 1 gallon pump sprayer can be applied to a 66 ' x 66' area of plants. Coverage is very important therefore be sure to build pressure by using your hand pump to keep pressure high in your pump sprayer as you are spraying.

Depending on plants and weather, two applications 10 days apart, may be perfect. If the weather is favorable for disease pressure, it may take a spray program every 7-14 days.

For an energy boost Sunny SEA may be added to the 1 gallon pump sprayer of Cruzin at a rate of 6 oz Sunny SEA per gallon of water.

Remember 2 tablespoons = 1 ounce

12 tablespoons = 6 ounces

Bionic Biological Encapsulated Concentrated Surfactant

Bionic is not a run of the mill surfactant you have used in the past.

Bionic is one of a kind, extremely concentrated, New Generation Surfactant.

Bionic has a unique mode of action.

Universities looked into the mode of action of various plants, to study how plants grow, they have found, Bionic accelerates crop growth without stressing the crop.

You don't want stress, as stress can slow down plant growth and can cause diseases.

Mixing products with Bionic Biological Encapsulated Concentrated Surfactant:

When mixing chemicals or nutrients, the mode of action changes the structure of the bacteria within the solution.

Bionic is a unique combination of micro-encapsulated bacteria, proteins and enzymes.

Bionic has billions of live organisms and each organism is a natural plant growth enzyme. When these living cells or organisms connect with one another the cells explode into plant growth bacteria and proteins – boosting the plant's immune system, increasing all natural sugar compounds within itself.

Have you noticed your weeds are getting more resistant to herbicides, and you may be adding additional chemical to get the killing effect you desire? Bionic opens the pores of the plant, hence the chemical application is more effective. Bionic can make chemicals or nutrients work like they should at 80%, compared to the 20-30% you are getting now. For now, we are not suggesting reducing chemicals or nutrients, what we are suggesting is, chemicals and nutrients will be more effective with Bionic.

Growers have told us, using Bionic, they reduced chemicals and nutrients 5% to 10% and are receiving the effective response from their chemical applications they expect.

Bionic is a high energy biological surfactant which intensifies low energy chemicals. Some herbicides are low energy, adding Bionic will raise the energy level and the herbicides can be more effective. This is true for most fungicides, insecticides, and foliar feeding nutrients as well.

Bionic creates and assist in the Photosynthesis process and in turn helping plants grow more efficiently while absorbing more energy and nutrients.

Start spraying Bionic with your first application of product(s) and continue using Bionic throughout the season with each application. Bionic will not only intensify the herbicide early in the crops' growth, but will also aid in fungicide, insecticide and foliar feeding later in the season.